Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why me?

Well, my wife has been using it for while ...

She seems to be enjoying it a lot. I had to try it too.

You see, for a person that has a slight dislike for massive public exposure. This is not the best thing to do ... There is just of few billion people dying to judge us (writers, bloggers, whatever).

Hey, what the heck. Why shouldn't I add my little contributions to the mayhem that Internet has become? Is it going to make a difference? Hum ... not sure. But it's not about that, isn't it ?

So, here you go dear reader, my manifesto:

I do not promise to write everyday (well every year would be a reasonable target, no joking I sure I can do better than that, twice year maybe ?), I do not promise to write beautiful prose either, I don't even promise you to write anything close to grammatically or syntaxically correct sentences. Yeah. I know I am cheap. But wait. Don't leave me here. Read on ... please.

I promise you one thing (and just one, no special offer or discount here, yeah if it's not enough go to your local supermarket and get yourself this 2:1 offer on the bananas picked by underage children):

I promise you that I will not betray myself, I will write about things I really really care about (You are still there, hey you care too. That's ok, nobody is watching ;-) ).

I know this sounds pretentious. But it is not. I am just a bit opinionated, in a nice way that is. I like to say what I mean. I care. Heu no I mean. Oh zut. I care about what I mean ... not I mean I care ... oh well you get the idea, hey ?

So sorry ... really sorry ... if I offend you or upset you. This not intentional nor is it personal.

It is all about sharing with the people !

Allez. Peace out, man.

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