Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring is back, I am in the garden again

Not easy to get back to the swing of things.

Gardening is a messy and tiring past time. I've emptied the old dead flowers and plants from last year pots, reseeded the dying lawn, cut the trees that grew too much.

Still, there is lots to do. The fence need replacing, thanks to our great weather, the patio slabs need refitting, and obviously the pots need new flowers.

Sadly this is not a picture of my garden (see ProLight for details). But I am hoping it will soon look like that ;-)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Le Pen didn't make it: I am happy!

I don't need to burn my identity card just yet

I was so ashamed last time when Le Pen made the second round well I didn't vote so that was why. I felt it was my fault. But you have to understand when you have lived abroad for so long these things look so remote and at odds.

You must understand that I am also not big in politics - well more precisely - I don't have much confidence in the current class of politicians. Clearly having to choose between a corrupt man and a potential fascist was rather challenging . I suppose corrupt was better, at least he didn't burn the country funds on mammoth public project like his predecessor.

Maybe the new generation i.e. Sarkozy / Royal will do better. In any case with nearly 10% of unemployment my poor country need a miracle. Can Sarkozy / Royal change the situation? Have they got the guts to take decisions for the good of the country even against the electors opinions.

One thing for sure, I don't need to burn my identity card just yet, I might even renew it. As for coming back home, well not really. Why would anybody want to go back to a country in such a poor state! Sorry guys you have to wake up, you live in country frozen in history. Things have to change drastically, if not it is not going to go any better.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Technical Account Manager at BEA Systems

I have joined officially BEA Systems in mid-November as a Technical Account Manager.

As a TAM in BEA Systems, I am responsible for the success of our key customers, from small to the very large ones.

This exciting position entails providing guidance and advice on various technologies (BEA and non BEA), helping customers plan for the future, address technical issues and more generally supporting customers during pre and post deployment of the ALUI Interaction portal making sure they are completely happy and successful.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details.