Sunday, May 27, 2007

Breaking News: BlogCatalog to support DonorsChoose

Following the successful BlogCatalog Buzz organized by Mona; the friendly people from BlogCatalog decided to use the same strategy promoting their website while as the same time making it a good cause. They decided to support the charity DonorsChoose and created a specific challenge to raise money:

Give to DonorsChoose

Is that right for a company to use charity as a way to promote their business? It might look a little bit questionable at first. Where do their "real" intentions rest? Are they using charity to generate more revenue for the business or are they using the business to generate more revenue for the charity. I find this dilemma quite difficult to answer.

Turning charity in a marketing exercise for businesses looks undeniably a little unethical, still if it brings far more revenue than a charity working on their own why not do it? It's a win-win situation!

I must say if I was a business owner myself I might actually do it. I do feel business owners are in a way extremely lucky to have extracted themselves from the common necessities that everyone else is stuck into (in French we call this “boulot metro dodo”). Not that they don't deserve their success - on contrary they are the energy that pull society forward - but because we are all part of the same community they have a duty to give some of this success back.

Being French and living in the United Kingdom, it is a little frustrating that in this instance the choice of charity was limited to the USA. That goes against the main principle of the World Wide Web doesn’t it? I wish I could pick something in United Kingdom or France. Still I like very much the idea of using the blog communication medium for the promotion of a charity and also I really like the concept of these new charity schemes where you choose where the money goes:

Anyway, despite the slight ethical and political issues lurking being it, this social marketing exercise has surely pulled the blogger community closer together and channelled this energy is something much bigger and I feel much better which I would like to call “a social charity”.

You can be part of this generous event by going to:
Help Public School Kids by Funding by Participating in a DonorsChoose Challenge
Thanks a lot for your generosity.

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badthing1 said...

Hi Marco :)

Thank you for pointing me to this interesting and caring group of people and also for taking the time to explain how you feel about it. I agree with you - it's very humanitarian of them and I will look at it as soon as I get a chance. Take care and see you around the blog neighborhoods. :)